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An Old-fashioned Quilting Bee

Do you have a bride-to-bee in your life? Create an heirloom quilt and a precious memory at the same time, with a GloryQuilts Women of the Family Bridal Bee.


A new generation of women is reaching adulthood. These women value family history and relationships, and they want to establish extended family ties that will last beyond their own lifetime. Separated by busy lives and distance, many of us seldom have the opportunity to really visit with our mothers, sisters, aunts, cousins, grandmothers, nieces, and old friends. A quilting bee provides this opportunity. Conversation is easy when the hands are busy. There will be time for leisurely reminiscence, catching up on current events, advice on marriage and motherhood and life in general, laughter and maybe a few tears. New brides and new babies are wonderful reasons for women to come together.

Red, White and Blue

I love red and white! My bedroom is all red and white/offwhite. I have a lovely little statuette of the Apple Girl from the painting by Carl Larsson. My bed is covered with red and white quilts, and I have red and white pillows and wall hangings. Last Christmas, all of my decorations and paper were red and white. I collect red and white coffee cups!

But since I have used up all of my red fabric (the quilts, pillows and wall hangings!), I have decided to do some blue and white this winter. I even painted a small bedroom in preparation for it. (We have an empty nest now, so there’s plenty of room for creativity!) The walls are blue, and the trim is white. I found a lovely, long-ish white lace valance at the thrift store and painted an old dresser. My sweet sister in law made me some pillowcases with handmade lace trim. It’s all quite feminine, which is fun after raising three sons!

In addition, my kitchen is (and has been, through many moves) blue and white with yellow highlights. One of my bathrooms is blue and white, too! It’s a classic combination. Antique blue and white quilts are valuable collectibles.

I will also be making some doll quilts for etsy and my website, so be watching for them!


Winter Clothing

Obviously, clothing with a Scandinavian flavor is more fun to make as winter approaches. I am looking forward to creating some hooded capes and warm jumpers. Bright colors are very important in the long, dark Wisconsin winters, so gray and bleak. The only exceptions are the cardinals and a sky of an impossibly blue blue. So I will fill my sewing room with red and green and blue and gold, and maybe I will invest in some full-spectrum lighting.



It’s time to do dressmaking! I like dressmaking a lot – maybe even more than quiltmaking.  I have a lot of red and pink stuff right now, for Valentines Day and general winter/spring wear. I am fond of toile and florals for this season. Southern Wisconsin can be pretty dreary this time of year. It doesn’t stay cold enough to maintain snow all winter – it just looks kind of dirty.  Those long winters up north were VERY long and very cold, but they tended to be brighter because of the whiteness of the snow.

I am sewing for a private client this weekend, and then I will possibly list custom orders for sale from those dresses. I do enjoy the creative process of dress designing, even if I am slow at it.


Now that I have a granddaughter…

I have been rereading children’s books. One author whose illustrations really delight and inspire me is Jan Brett. My sons were raised with those books, and I grew up in a very Scandinavian home. This new line of clothing I am mulling over is not QUITE drindl skirts and lace-up vests, but it’s pretty close.  I really need an embroidery machine to achieve the effect that appeals to me, since I have no intention of hand-embroidering blouses and skirt hems, but in the meantime I will experiment with embroidered trims. I will have to do some shopping for the kinds of fabrics I need, and then I will have to adapt my ideas to make them machine-washable.  I need Kiersten of Prairie Bugs to do some Fair Isle knitting to coordinate with it!